Generate substantial monthly income while helping people eliminate their pain and lead more fulfilling lives.

Pain Relief

Since 2011, Real Time Pain Relief Vendors have resold our pain relief products as their exclusive product at local events, enjoying benefits like:


Buying at wholesale, selling at retail, and keeping the profits


Helping people find pain relief and take control of their lives


The camaraderie of “Team Real Time”


Great perks and benefits - like RTPR's iPad Giveaway Program

Special Promotion

Event Builder Packages - we include everything you need to become a successful event vendor, allowing you to profitably resell Real Time products at local events as soon as the package arrives.

You can join “Team Real Time” by purchasing an Event Builder Package for $250 or $500 and have everything you need for a profitable business from day one..


Pain Relief Products to sell and make a profit


Signage for your event booth


A Reimbursement Program for your event booth cost


You can earn a Free Real Time Pain Relief Tent based on your sales volume.

No Gimmicks - The only time you spend money is when you buy products to resell:

No Autoship

money box

No Training Fees


No Monthly purchase requirements

Real Time has a diverse range of vendors, catering to individuals who earn a modest couple hundred dollars per month up to those who make over one hundred thousand dollars per year. Our team is open to people with a variety of goals. If you're looking for an opportunity, Team Real Time has a place for you.



Don't wait, run! Fear and a lack of confidence will hold you back from success. When I first started, I had no mentor, but I learned quickly that our product sells itself, you don't need to be a marketing guru.

James M
Reno, NV


I have had great success at both large and small events. I love doing small 1-day events and larger multiple day events! People have been very receptive to the products pretty much anywhere I go!

Norma L
Morris, IL


One of my most memorable interactions with a customer was a woman that came up to me in a wheelchair but did not want to try Real Time Pain Relief. Her son was with her and I convinced him to rub some MAXX [Pain] Relief on the back of her neck. When he finished rubbing it in, she immediately moved her head from side to side and said that she had not been able to do that in years. She cried and hugged me.

Cynthia A
Frisco, TX


The products sell themselves, the earning potential is unlimited, and with hard work and commitment, you can achieve the highest levels within the company. Many vendors have huge organizations and are true business leaders, but you don’t need anyone but yourself to reach the highest levels of success in this company. All you need is the ‘Power of One’ and that is you!

Gretchen L
Oak Ridge, TN

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have an autoship?


The simple answer is “no”. Simply purchase additional product when you need additional product.


Will I be eligible for the iPad Giveaway Promotion?


Yes, your initial purchase will generate iPG Points (2 for the $250 Event Package and 4 for the $500 Event Package). You will be on your way to 28 iPG Points and getting a Free Laptop.


Do I have to purchase every month to qualify for the iPad Giveaway?


As a new vendor you will have up to 16 months to qualify instead of 14 months and you will be able to have two non-purchasing months during those 16 months without losing your earn iPG Points.


Are there additional promotional programs for Real Time Vendors?


Real Time has numerous programs where you can achieve bonuses and incentives that are based around achieving status, you are able to participate in these programs as you choose.